Agnes Nielsen Johansson, Chairman.

Agnes has a masters of law from Uppsala University. She has a great interest in human rights issues and wrote her master thesis on migration and international law. Previously Agnes was working as a  legal associate (migration law, social law and criminal law). Right now she is a law clerk at Skaraborgs district court. 

Karin Dahl, Vice Charman.

Karin works as regional coordinator at the European Social Fund (ESF). At ESF Karin participates in the work with projects concerning social development in Skåne and Blekinge. She writes announcements for project calls, participates in external monitoring, prepares project applications as well as control and monitor ongoing ESF projects. She has previously worked in the municipally with integration issues, with job seekers at the Swedish Employment Services and a shorter period as a business leader at locally led development (LEADER) in south-eastern Skåne. Back in time, she worked with organic gardening.

Celina Dahl, Board member.

Celina has a bachelor in Geography from Stockholm University and a master in Agricultural development from Copenhagen University. She has a keen interest for sustainable development and particularly for issues concerning, access to and sustainable use of natural resources, especially land. Celina has studied and worked in many different parts of the world such as India,Thailand, Malawi, Denmark and Kenya. Previously she worked as an insurance investigator at the Swedish Social Insurance Agency where she analyzed information and made decisions on however people were entitled to benefits as well as coordinated of resources in order to get people back to work. Right now she is as an administrative officer at The County Administrative Board where she works with shoreline protection in Stockholm County.

Gabriel Abensour Sellström, Cashier.

Gabriel has a background in IT and more specifically in quality assurance. He has a bachelor in technology from KTH University.

Nellie Taylor, Secretary.

Nellie works for Malmö municipality as a care worker within the field of physical/intellectual learning disabilities and autism. She has a passion for pedagogy as well as communication and sees these as crucial tools in working for equality around the world. Nellie's interest in Space for People has its roots in her devotion to all people living as equals under the legislation of human rights.